17 January 2019

Upcoming Event & Festivals in Thailand in 2019

Chinese New Year ~ 3-5 February

Thailand, especially Chiangmai is one of the "top" destinations for visitor from China. So, during their Chinese New Year Week, there will be many Chinese Tourists throughout Thailand. And the Hotels, flights, etc. do get heavily booked over this period as well.

So if you have any Clients interested in visiting Thailand over this dates – we would suggest you either book (the Hotels) well in advice OR just avoid this period totally.

Songkran Festival ~ 13-15 April

The annual Songkran New Year Water Festival which welcomes in the traditional Thai New Year is one of those events that has to be experienced in person to begin to appreciate the enormity of the spectacle and the uniqueness of the occasion.

Although this celebration of the Traditional Thai New Year is nationwide, the festivities are at their highest and most enthusiastic in Chiangmai. The Principal attraction is the customary good luck sprinkling of water on each other - which gets somewhat out of hand!!

Loy Krathong Festival ~ 19-11 November

Loy Krathong Festival is probably Thailand’s most beautiful and enchanting festival. This is an annual festival to pay tribute to the Spirits of the Water in which thousands of Krathongs (small flower boats) are released on the river.

In Chiangmai there is also carnival-like procession through the City on the 2 main nights, as well release of thousands of Sky Lanterns.

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