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30 March 2009

Greetings from Chiangmai


Thailand Business Tourism Standard 2009-2011
We are extremely happy & delighted to announce that Wanna Tours has just received Gold Star Accreditation from the Office of Tourism Development, Ministry of Tourism & Sports of Thailand for Thailand Business Tourism Standard 2009-2011.

As you will probably realize there are Thousands of Tourism Companies in Thailand and since there are currently only 63 Tourism Businesses nationwide, who have attained this certification  - we are naturally very proud to have achieved and been selected as a recipient for this Accreditation.

Wanna Receiving our Accreditation from Director of TAT Administrator Office, Mr. Thanatorn Thonghom.


Thai Airways International (TG) moves all its Domestic flights to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport
As we mentioned recently, WEF 29th March 2009. Thai Airways International (TG) has moved all its Domestic flight operations from Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport to  Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.
For Further details Please see TG’s website at :

At this time, some the Low Cost Carries (Nok Air & One2Go) are still continuing  to use Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport. Please do check your CRS systems if you have Clients flight records - booked to fly in or out of Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport (DMK) as to their re-scheduled flights from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.


Private Chiangmai “Suite - Summer Season” Program OFFER. 1st April - 31st October 2009
We recently (2nd March) e-mailed out a very special Private Chiangmai “Suite - Summer Season” Program OFFER.  

As most of you know, we generally do not send out specific Program Offers – However, with the current Special Rates & Promotions being offered to us by the Hotels – We felt it would be a shame for your Clients to miss out on these – if they happen to be in our Region…. So if you missed this or want further information – just let us know and we will be happy send you details.


Songkran Festival,  (and Easter !) 12-15 April
Probably a bit late for this year – but mark your calendars for 2010… !!

This is one of Thailand’s Major Festivals - Although this celebration of the Traditional Thai New Year is nationwide, the festivities are at their highest and most enthusiastic in Chiangmai. The Principal attraction is the customary good luck sprinkling of water on each other - which gets somewhat out of hand !! - (Imagine Chicago in a heat wave then someone opens all the Fire Hydrants combined with a mini Mardi Gras and you begin to get the idea !!).
This Festival will affect your Clients Programs in several ways depending on your Clients attitude:

  • You will need to have a sense of humor !! - Most important !!
  • If you want to walk almost anywhere in the City (during the daytime) you will get wet.
  • Airport transfers and all road transportation in Chiangmai will take much longer than usual.
  • There are many additional visitors to Chiangmai during this Festival (Local Thais from Bangkok and the Rest of Thailand, Regional Asian Visitors etc. as well as the "normal" Tourism Visitors) - so everywhere is absolutely packed
  • Hotel Accommodation & Flights do get very heavily booked and are at a peak Premium- so these arrangements should be made well in advance
  • Almost all businesses and banks close for sometime during the Holiday (so we have to be careful as to what places we want to visit are actually open).

If you take the above into consideration – then you will have Fun…

…And apart from all that – this year (2009) the Thai New Year Festival of Songkran also falls over the same weekend as Easter...So essentially everything here will be closed from 10-16 April. !! 

So if you do have anything urgent – please do try to contact us before 9 April. … and although we will be monitoring e.mails during the Festival Period– please excuse any delays in responses from here during this period. !!


That's it for now. Many Thanks and Take Care
David, Wanna & Vachira
And all at Wanna Tours.

Please note that our E.mail list for these Updates is quite specific and as we do respect your decision about receiving these updates - If you do NOT wish to be notified about these News Updates - please advise us and we will take your e.mail address out of the Mailing List

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